Declutter Your Mind!

Do you get those moments where you’re head feels stuffed? Or there is so much on your plate that you can’t think straight? Well, you’re not alone.  There are many adults who are either in school or are working parents and struggle through this every day. The times I can’t think straight are when I have … More Declutter Your Mind!

Lokai Bracelet!

*Reviews on the Lokai bracelet are all based upon my opinion and thoughts* I’ve bought two Lokai Bracelets a couple of weeks ago. One is a plain white design. The second is a camouflage design in support of wildlife. In the black ball of the bracelet it has mud from the dead sea. It is … More Lokai Bracelet!

Let It Go!

Don’t let small or big situations get to you. It doesn’t do anything but cause stress, headaches and more stress to your day. Once the situation is done, leave it at that minute. Don’t drag it to the next day, next week, the following night or talk to anybody after it has been done. Turn … More Let It Go!

Laughing It Off!

I received a phone call from a good friend of mine. We were having a good conversation when things took a turn. The friend had told me to wait several times on the phone. I didn’t hear my friend saying anything but “hold on”, in which I had thought my friend went to talk to … More Laughing It Off!