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For a period of my life, I’ve been wondering what best teas or liquids are good for you other than water.

From researching and testing out different types of tea, I’ve narrowed it down to the best top three.

  1. Chamomile Tea. This tea has a flower like smell along with the taste.Featured image


1. Sleeping Better. Chamomile tea helps with those sleepless nights and insomnia. After you drink this and you head to bed, you’ll be knocked out cold. You’ll definitely wake up the next day feeling well rested with a clear mind.

2. Reduces Anxiety. With a life filled with stress, anxiety, worry some or even upset it can lead to anxiety. The pills prescribed to you may not help or even cause more health issues. But, by introducing this warm, soothing and wonderful fragrance tea into your system, it’ll help fight off anxious moments.

3. Helps fight type 2 diabetes. Drinking Chamomile tea during meals can provide support with those fighting with type 2 diabetes. It significally lowers blood glucose levels and help improve complications that accompanies with type 2 diabetes, such as kidney damage and others. Even if you don’t have type 2 diabetes, this is a better choice to help with your immune system.

4. Soothe an upset stomach: Ever have tummy troubles and want to puke out everything you have? But you don’t to cause more trouble as it is? Well, drinking Chamomile tea helps! If you’re battling with nausea, digestive pain or discomfort, gassiness or sluggish feeling; drinking a warm cup of tea will help boost and clean your immune system. It’ll help you recover in a comfortable way without feeling lethargic.

2. Green Tea. This tea is one with no smell, but has a very strong sencha taste to it. The stronger the taste the better the tea is.

Benefits?Featured image

1. Helps lose weight. Everyone is having a hard time losing weight, especially in the tummy area. Well, green tea is a good solution in helping that out. Green tea reduces body fat, especially in the tummy area since it boosts the metabolic rate of the human body.

2. Reduce in Cholesterol. All adults have some sort of trouble in maintaining their cholesterol and putting good foods in their body to maintain that also. But, drinking green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. It also balances out the good and bad cholesterol of the body.

*Drinking green tea is recommended to be taken 5 times a day to see results, but drinking three times a day is more than enough.

  1. Lemon Tea. This tea has a strong lemon flavor that does so much for the body. I mix mine with a tbsp. of honey of a tsp of cinnamon for an added flavor.Featured image


1. Digestive Aid. Ever feel like you want to cleanse on the insides of your body but can’t do so, because you can’t physically take them out and clean it? Well that’s what lemons are for. Lemons produce acids that we need for good digestion. It helps out the flow of our food better and not feel as bloated , though we do, sometimes. Including with this, it cleanses the liver and kidneys that are key to our body for many helping hands.

2. Clear Skin. Did you always want a smooth and clean face like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence? Well, drinking lemon tea can definitely result in that. Since lemon has a high source of vitamin C, it helps flush and hydrate our skin to look extra fab. Also, it helps create scar tissues and ligaments as it repairs itself. On top of that, because lemons have (this) it rejuvenates or skin within our body giving us a vibrant glow.

3. Weight loss: Have trouble losing weight? Well, drinking lemon tea in between meals helps with that. Adding cinnamon and a little bit of honey gives a boost. Since it has very few calories, it doesn’t add up to your weight. Lemons have an antioxidant that enhances abdominal fat loss which helps lose weight three times faster.

4. Lifts your mood: Do you want a drink that can help lift that sour mood of yours? Well just the aroma of lemon does so much for the body. It clears your mind and lifts the mood. So drinking a nice hot cup of lemon tea three times a day or before you head to bed can do so much for the body.


Do you get those moments where you’re head feels stuffed? Or there is so much on your plate that you can’t think straight? Well, you’re not alone.  There are many adults who are either in school or are working parents and struggle through this every day.

Lucky for you tFeatured imagehere is a solution!

Here are a few tips on how I declutter my mind.

Take a walk. Taking a walk, especially having the crisp air touches your skin and body does so much. Sitting inside your house or having a busy schedule can take away the simplest things of life. So while taking walks, you’re able to inhale the good air, see people & things, and also be able to rejuvenate your mind.

Decluttering your room. This is my number 1 favourite tip. Have you ever looked at your room or desk and got dizzy? Well, that’s because however you’re table or room is, represents your mind and life. Clean your room. Rearrange where items were used to be or have a new location for them. Pick up clothes off of the floor and hang them up neatly. At the end of the day your room is the place where you are resting for full 8 hours, so if you go to bed filled with clutter, you’re definitely not going to wake up feeling rested.

Journal. Many of us may think it’s ridiculous to have one. Or don’t know what to actually write in it. To start off, choose a journal book that attracts your attention. Find a book that you want to look at every day and fill it with your thoughts. Secondly, find a time as to when you’ll be writing it. It could be during the middle of the day, before heading to bed or have it on you wherever you go. Thirdly, write. It doesn’t have to consist of precise detail of your day. It could be any of the following; a brief summary of your day, thoughts, memories, or even frustrating moments.

Make time for family. Planning date nights with your significant other or movie night with your friends and family helps with the decluttering. The reason why is because your mind is in a state of overload, so being in an environment that requires no functioning comforts the body. Laughing and smiling adds on the endorphins and moments that you need to release all the tension in your body. Forgetting about the stress, cloudiness surrounding your mind and confusion can work when with family and friends.

Organization. This links with decluttering your room. But, organization can also mean not biting off to much than you can chew. Many of us take on tasks, schedule meetings or have priorities that we do back to back. This gives us no time in between to breathe and have time for ourselves. It’s ok to take on tasks and attend meetings back to back, but doing so can take a burden on yourself. Try doing it 3 times a week and having two times off for yourself or doing other priorities.

Go Slower. It’s hard to take things slow when you get into it. Especially living in a competitive Featured imagesociety, going slow means you’ll be behind. False. Going slow only means you’re doing better things for you, mentally and physically. On top you think more clearly to better your life, choose wisely on options and be happier.

Last but not least, BREATHE! We forget to enjoy the good things off of life and stress over it. Life will always come with good and the bad. It’s your responsibility to take on what is important.


How do you resolve a conflict? Do you talk it out? Leave it? Bring it up the next fight? Or let it Featured imagego and not let it affect you.

Many of us are guilty of going to bed without resolving an issue. This can cause friction within the relationship and tension the next time an argument arises.
We either not talk it out or add more fire to fire.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Walk away. No, don’t permanently walk away and hide from your issues. When two people get into an argument it’s typical for the situation to go into a different direction from all the yelling and allegations thrown at the person. Once that occurs, someone has to step away. When someone steps away, both of you can calm down and realize what was spoken and happened. This way when two of you come together, you can talk to the other person with a clear mind and open heart, without being heated and starting all over again. Which leads too..

2. Talk it out. This is one simple tip that ANYONE can follow. Talking out the issue not only helps the two people in the relationship become closer but it clears misunderstandings that arose during the commotion. Lay everything out on the table. See things on their side and your side. Don’t leave the table until everything is resolved.

Featured image3. Go on date nights. Many married couples with or without kids get busy. Real quick. Either they are busy taking care of their parents, kids, work, or house.  Going on date nights doesn’t mean eating that $80 steak and drinking $30 wine. It doesn’t even have to be at a restaurant. Change the scenery. Instead of having conversations on the sofa facing the four walls in front of a TV, go out. Movies, dinner, arcade, vacation, hike or beach. Not only does this heighten the importance of the relationship but it brings a lot of respect, love and memories back together. Which leads too..

4. It’s you before the kids. Who here has kids and forgets about the hubby? Or the love with the hubby has decreased? We understand that your kids are important and main priority, but who made those kids? Who was there to support you during the rough times while giving birth?  Understand that you and your husbands’ relationship come first before your kids. Your kids look up to you, whether you know it or not. If you don’t have a healthy relationship, your kids will know. The foundation of love and family comes within the parents. Their love and relationship has to be strong and respectful in order for the family to run on that. There are many reasons why this will work.

Featured image5. Your business is yours. We’re so caught up on social media that when something happens we post it up on IG, Facebook or Twitter. Stop doing that. Your issue is between you and the person. Posting up your problems on social media doesn’t do anything but create tension and problems within your own relationship. If you need any tips and advice, google it up or ask your close friends without revealing too much information. Telling other people is giving them permission in entering your relationship with that person.

Worry About Yourself!

Many of us get caught up in what other people are doing that we lose sight or get discouraged of our own accomplishments.

What other people do shouldn’t be your business or shouldn’t downcast your drive to do more.

When you hear your friend has a house and a car, you partially be happy for themselves, but more envious towards that person, especially when you yourself are trying to work hard to reach there.

When you hear your sibling has a girlfriend and travels to different places in the country, it creates negativity towards you than being happy for them. This is because your life might not be at that level yet.

What you can do to not create envy is be happy for them. Be happy that they are at a place where they feel content with their life. This is their life, not yours.

Don’t be envious over that person or have negativity. It will only ruin you, no one else.

What other people are doing shouldn’t matter to you.Featured image

If you are a parent, what matters to you is what your child is doing. Your child’s well-being, health and studies should be your main concern. Asking about her/his friend’s well-being and what they are doing is fine. But being deeply affected and constantly thinking about them is not good for your health. You’re already stressed enough, and thinking about everything in the world isn’t your main concern at this point. Set your priorities straight.

If you are a young adult, what your friend, cousin, or neighbor is doing shouldn’t and I repeat SHOULD NOT matter to you. If the male is 20 years old and has a car, good for him. If the female is 22 years old and she has her own house, good for her. But, don’t create any envy or tension between you and them. Don’t be jealous over that. You’re not doing any good with that negativity around you. Instead be happy for them and that they are at a place that they are content. Worry about where you need to be, what you need to achieve and where you stand. That’s all that matters. You’ll get somewhere.

How they got to a place of happiness, only they know the struggle that they went through. No one gets everything that they want for free. All hard word and tears are put towards to in order to achieve something good. Seeing other people happy and content with their stuff should push you harder to reach there. You will get to the top, it might be a slow process, but it’s better than not getting it.

photo credit: <a href="">Respira mundo.</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>


It’s difficult to avoid junk food completely out of your life. Wherever you go, you see sweets and unhealthy snack right in front of you. You tell yourself no, but your cravings kick in. Then, you eat 10 of those cake pops.

There is no possible way of completely shutting away unhealthy food out of your life, unless you’re hulk and want bulky muscles. But here are some tips and tricks on how to avoid the temptation.

  1. Visualizing rewards. This means when you reached your weight goal or went two weeks straight without having a cheat day; to give yourself a reward. This way you’re able to control what you put in your body and able to reward yourself without feeling guilty.
  2. Postpone your cravings. When you think about cravings, you want it immediately. But, instead of that happening, you say “later, I will”. This way your cravings slowly leave the body and mind without stressing yourself out over it. This also distracts your mind from getting it later than now.
  3. Replace your cravings. A chocolate craving calls for natural fruits and nuts. Sugar cravings call for brown or wild grain rice, pasta, read, beans and low fat milk. Craving for fried foods calls for fish, milk and cheese. A craving for salt calls for a glass of water, and if that doesn’t work, a banana or yogurt should help.
  4. Keeping healthy foods accessible. Hide your junk food. When you open up your cupboard, make sure you see nuts, fruits and healthy snacks. Instead of chocolate, chips and candy. This will increase the food that you eat healthier.
  5. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. When you go shopping on an empty stomach, the only thing your hands reaches for are junk food. The only thing your brain wants is sugar so the cells wake up.
  6. Cook your own meals. Making your own meals will resist the urge to eating out or skipping meals. It’s also less tempting for cheat meals.

Tips In Life: Leading To Happiness!

Being negative or being surrounded by a negative environment is not going to get you anywhere nor will you gain anything from it.

After completion of high school, it was quite difficult to remain happy and have good vibes. Depression, losing friends, diverting in a wrong path and my surroundings disallowed me to be in a good state of mind. Through counselling and peer mentorships, I’ve succeeded and followed tips and tricks in life that leads to happiness.

  1. Meditation: Doing it daily. It doesn’t always have to be on the floor with the lights off and candles on. A few minutes in the car with light music on, in the shower, before/after bed or whenever you get free time. But, doing it daily eases your mind and body from all the tension you’re carrying around.
  2. Exercising: It does a lot for the mind, soul and body. Working out releases all the negative tension, energy and thoughts; boosting it with positive vibes, feeling good within yourself. This will make you feel good and healthy.
  3. Going out of your comfort zone: You’ll start to feel good when you try something new. It’ll be a drive to do many other things you haven’t thought about doing.
  4. Accepting your past. We’re all guilty of thinking and living in our past. Reason being, you feel comfortable and afraid of moving on. Acknowledging and accepting your past heals your heart from being hurt again and mentally.
  5. Don’t envy other people. Be happy for other people. They’ve reached their point of happiness through hard work and dedication. You will get there if you put in the same amount of dedication and commitment for something you want to accomplish in.
  6. Always think positive. It’s easy to think negative, and put yourself or other people down. But, thinking positive will get you somewhere and attain what you want. Thinking positive not only helps clear your mind, but it helps believing in a lot of things.Featured image
  7. Don’t stress over something small or big. There is no point in stressing out, but to find a solution and moving on. There is no point in yelling and screaming. You’re not getting anything out of that. Stressing over creates a lot of added on tension that is unnecessary. Learn and grow from the situation to not allow it from occurring again.
  8. Surround yourself with inspiring and motivating people. When you surround yourself with inspiring people, you yourself will feel motivated to do so much in life. There will be a drive to to do better and be better as other people. You’ll want to remove yourself from negative people who don’t have a drive in themselves, which makes your surroundings cleaner and positive.
  9. Smile often. Smiling is hard as your cheeks will start to hurt. But, smiling or even laughing all day gives your brain positive vibes. It puts your body and soul in a relaxed state of mind and love life. You’ll feel good inside and out that you smiled, which may be a different feeling.
  10. Finding the good in situations. All throughout life, you’ll end up in situations that you wished you weren’t in. When this does happen, find the good in situations. This doesn’t mean for you to have an “I don’t care” attitude, but to make the environment a little bit at ease, to lighten things up.
  11. Rewarding your-self. All of us are students, workers, parents or divorcee individuals. We all work hard to strive for ourselves or for our kids to do well in this world. We forget to take a day off from the week and pamper ourselves. This eases your body from all the stress that you’ve been going through. Giving yourself a day off replenishes your mind to drive through another week of hard work.
  12. Eating healthier. The foods we eat affect our mood. With fruits and vegetables, you’re putting in good toxins in your body to run through the rest of your life. Bright foods that have amazing nutrients will balance the mood level evenly.
  13. Taking a few minutes to be grateful. Whether you had a good day or a horrible one, the fact that you had a day and came out of it healthy and alive says a lot more than anything else. Be grateful that you have a roof over your head and food on the plate.
  14. Last, but not least, not caring about what others think. It’s really easy to be caught up on people’s comments. Caring about what other think/say only limits you as a person to venture out in this world. They only say what they say because that’s how they feel about themselves. Do you & do what you need to do to be happy.


You have a lot on your plate. There are things that you need to get done as soon as possible. But, you find yourself doing other things such as being on social media, playing games, watching movies on Netflix or even eating.

You have stuff that needs to be tackled on a day to day basis. We write it down in our notepads, phones, to do lists or even in our planner. But, we never get it done. We might get one or two things done, but not all of that you wanted.

It’s all due to distractions and laziness. It’s comfortable to sit around and do nothing versus doing work. But, when you’re sitting and wasting your time doing nothing, don’t you wish you could’ve done one thing within the time you’re doing nothing. When you have so much on your plate, won’t you constantly be thinking about it, which ruins your mood. Why not finish what needs to be done and then sit around doing nothing. You’ll have a reason to watch a movie or a show when after you’re done what needs to be done.

Don’t say later; say I’ll do it now. This goes for small tasks as well. When you see a piece of paper on the floor or even tissue, say at your own home. Most of us will definitely walk past by it saying I’ll pick it up later, not a big deal. Well in fact, it is a big deal. Why won’t you pick that up the minute you saw it? You literally have to bend down, use one hand and pick it up to walk over to the garbage bin and throw it in. Within 10 seconds of doing that, you’re taking a whole day to not do it. Why won’t you do it? Simple, it’s laziness. There are negative consequences that follow through when left alone.

Take another example. You opened up a chip bag to eat while watching a movie. You’re almost half way done and decide not to finish it all. As you begin to roll up the chip bag, you decide you’ll put it back in the pantry after the movie is done, so you place it right beside you as a reminder. It’s been 5 hours since the movie has finished. Not only has the movie finished but, so are you. You end up falling asleep and the chip bag is where you last had it. Why didn’t you put it back? Simple, it’s laziness. Yet again, there are negative consequences that follow through when left alone.

It may seem ridiculous to come up with these examples to tie in procrastination. But, let me tell ya, these are small real life examples that have led to a decrease in procrastination in a person’s life when faced with a bigger task. It is a push and a motivator when faced with a big task in life. It’s doing small timid tasks that will help you beat your procrastination to tackling on bigger tasks.

Tips to stop procrastination:Featured image

  1. Organization. Decluttering your mind and your environment helps with you focusing on what needs to get done at this moment. Not only that, when you feel fuzzy, it’s quite difficult to think straight and preform a task well. Also, when you declutter you’ll start to pinpoint what needs to be done first and last.
  2. Prioritizing. This is one key component to stop procrastination. Writing down the most important task that needs to be tackled to the least importance gives you an idea of a time frame of how you’ll be finishing this task and others. Not only that, but it helps with getting things done quickly.
  3. Do little at a time. A lot of us start to do something and want to finish it at the same time. When this might sound like a brilliant thing to do, it’s quite difficult. Pace yourself and break it down into chunks. This way you’ll be able to finish it efficiently and correctly. It’s like writing an essay. You can’t write a 10 page essay in one night, unless you love words. Do the introduction first, than the body tomorrow and the ending day after. This defeat the purpose of me saying does it now. But, the fact that you took the initiative and started something and determined to finish it, is much more than not starting at all.
  4. Change of environment. The atmosphere does a lot for your mood. When it’s cold and dark you don’t have the feel to do anything. But, when it’s sunny and warm you want to get work done. Just as me, I can’t get work done if I’m home in a dark room. I either go to Starbucks, or sit outside of my balcony to get fresh air. This helps my brain and body function more efficiently.
  5. Goals. Everyone has goals that they want to accomplish and be proud of. Write down some goals that you want to get through. It could be either a short term or long term goals. This way, it’ll be a push for you to start something in order for you to reach that goal.
  6. Grab a buddy. If it is hard for you to work alone or tackle a task alone, ask a buddy to come along with. This will be a motivation to get something done that day and be accomplished with it.

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