Finding Yourself!

I’m at that stage in life. No, not puberty. But a little less worse than that. Many of you readers, have either gone through this or are in the same period. You know what it is? It’s the phase in your life where you’re discovering yourself, finding your purpose in this beautiful world of ours. … More Finding Yourself!

Dealing With Grief!

Many of us deal with grief differently. We have distractions such as food, music, alcohol. Or we actually accept the fact and/or suppress it till we remember again. Click here for a few tips on dealing with grief.

Stay Humble!

Many of us want the best of everything; whether that comes from clothes, technology, friends, house, car or significant other. We want the latest and the best compared to anyone else who has the same thing. But, let’s get this straight. Whether we have the latest car, or the new IPhone 8, or have a … More Stay Humble!

Focus For Today!

The title says a lot. Many of us are focused on what to cook this weekend, what to wear tomorrow and planning trips for next year. But, we’re not focusing on today, the present. I’m guilty of this. Why do we do this? We don’t do it intentionally. Live today as if it’s your last … More Focus For Today!