Everything and anything to help you feel inspired.

Positivity Wins blog started in July 2015. The goal behind this is to motivate and educate people who don’t feel presence their in this big world. I share my experiences and publish advices that I’ve been through, to let readers know that they are not alone.Through my weekly posts, I hope to inspire readers into thinking and believing that there is hope and we’re all in this together.

This is to connect with the readers through my stories to see a beautiful soul within themselves.

Here you’ll find my stories and experiences. Along with recipes, random Featured imageramblings, healthy lifestyle choices, reviews and motivational talks.

All reviews or approval of products, services, restaurants, etc. are my own thoughts and opinions. All of the information on my blog is from my own knowledge and experience.



I am Tharsika. A 20-year old woman, currently living in Toronto, Canada.

A little bit of an ice breaker

My Interests? Reading, travelling, social media, fitness, food, family, nature, motivating people, writing and advocating.

What I love? Well, sleeping of course, I mean who doesn’t love sleeping. Who’s with me? Baking, Autumn, cooking for Featured imagefamily, taking long walks, shopping, listening to music, meditating, road trips, heart to heart conversations, sweaters, anything with mint, Featured imagewatching scary movies alone, ice cream, inspiring quotes and SMILING; and many more!


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