Laughing It Off!

Featured imageI received a phone call from a good friend of mine. We were having a good conversation when things took a turn. The friend had told me to wait several times on the phone. I didn’t hear my friend saying anything but “hold on”, in which I had thought my friend went to talk to a friend or grab food.

I had hung up after 20 seconds of waiting and repeatedly saying “hello?”

A minute later the friend had called back, this is how portion of the conversation went.

Friend: Why would you hang up? Couldn’t wait for 20 second for me to get my drink from my car, which took 20 seconds?

My reply: I first of all didn’t hear you say you were going to your car to get something, which resulted me to hang up, thinking you were talking to someone or busy. I had hung up so you could call me back, if that was the case.

Friend: This is your ego talking.

To know about how I laughed off this situation, my thoughts when on the phone and my advices; CLICK HERE


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